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Talking About Automotive Maintenance

Four Truck Accessories That Can Help In The Back Country

by Saira Tanis

If you enjoy long weekends in the back country camping, hiking, mountain biking, or hunting, outfitting your truck to meet the terrain is a must. Having a four wheel drive vehicle isn't enough in exceptionally rough or muddy terrain. The following accessories are just a few that can take your rig from a city commuter to a back woods king.

#1: Winch

A winch is one of the first things you should add if you spend any time off of paved roads. A mounted winch isn't just for pulling other people out of ditches. With the help of a well-rooted tree or even the right boulder, you can use a winch to pull your truck out of a mud hole. You can even use a winch to help move dead fall out of the road or to pull that deer carcass a little closer for easier butchering.

#2: Covers

Toppers aren't for everyone, but they can come in handy if you keep any gear in the bed of your truck. You have several choices in covers. Soft tonneau style covers are the least expensive and most basic, but they can often be cut open by a determined thief. Hard covers are a better option, just make sure it locks securely. For multi-purpose use, a full topper is a good investment. You can even make a simple camper by adding an air mattress and some curtains.

#3: Brush Guard

No matter what you call it – brush guard, cattle guard, or grille – these metal guards protect the front of your truck against a bevy of back country obstacles. For example, if a deer jumps out in front of you, the guard takes the brunt of the damage – not your front end. This can mean the difference between driving home or being stuck with a cracked radiator.

#4: Extra Lights

Sometimes you need more light, whether because you are setting up camp after dark or trying to find a seldom used track deeper into the woods. Top mounted lights are a popular option, but you can also get lower lights installed on the brush guard. The best lights are operable from inside the truck, with no need to remove covers. This way you can flip them on with a flick of a switch if you run into bad weather or need instant light while on the road.

Contact a local truck accessory dealer to find the parts you need for a safe and enjoyable trip into the woods.