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Talking About Automotive Maintenance

Three Subjects To Discuss When You Visit An Auto Repair Shop

by Saira Tanis

Upon having your vehicle damaged in a car accident, one of your immediate priorities is to find the right repair shop that will get the job done to satisfy your requirements. Although you might feel in a hurry to get your vehicle booked in for the repair work, it's valuable to give a little time to the process of finding the right shop. The right shop is not necessarily the one that gives you the lowest price quote or is situated closest to your home; you can often make your decision easier by discussing a handful of topics with the shop representative and assessing the responses you get. Here are three things to bring up.

Experience With Your Make And Model

It's beneficial to give your business to a shop that has mechanics who are specifically trained to service your make and model of vehicle. It's customary for licensed, reputable shops to send their staff to training sessions offered directly by various leading vehicle manufacturers. Once the mechanics graduate from these programs, they'll often receive certification that the shop will customarily display for customers to see. If you're visiting in person, look for this documentation and ensure that it's recent; if you're calling by phone, relay the specifics of your make and model and ensure that the shop is trained in this regard.

Connection With Rental Car Company

While it might not seem like a major factor, it's valuable to check if the shop you're considering has a connection with a local rental car company. It's convenient to be able to get set up with a rental vehicle on-site once you drop off your car for repair work; this is far better than having to get someone to drive to you a nearby rental agency. The benefit, however, is more than simply about convenience – it speaks to the reputation of the auto shop if a reputable, well-known rental company has an office on the premises.

Availability Of Used Parts

If you're paying for the auto repair yourself instead of having the work done through your insurance company, keeping the cost low is likely a priority for you. To this end, it's beneficial to ask the auto repair shop if it can use either used or refurbished parts for some of the repair work. While new parts will also be necessary, many shops can work with the customer to lower the bill by providing these less-expensive parts.

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