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Talking About Automotive Maintenance

In A Wreck And Car Dented Up? You May Have More Than Just Body Damage

by Saira Tanis

If you are in a wreck and your car is dented up more than just with a little dent in the bumper, you need to get it checked before you start driving your car again.  Contact your insurance company first, then call a tow truck to take your car to an auto body shop or mechanic instead of driving it there yourself. Your insurance may cover this charge for you so make sure you ask. Below are three things that may be wrong with your car after a collision that you may not be aware of.


More serious collision repair may cause the frame of your car to go out of alignment.  This problem could easily go undetected right after the accident as you are not able to actually see it.  If you have this problem, your car will likely pull to one side as you are driving, or the car simply feels different than it did before. You may also have a difficult time keeping control of your car while driving it.

When you take your car in for auto body repair, tell them about this. They can either straighten the frame for you or take your car to someone that can. 


If you even have a small crack in your windshield, it can lead to more serious problems. The windshield is very important in your car, as it prevents the roof of the car from caving in if it rolls over during the accident.

Over time, this small crack will start to spread across your windshield, which would result in you replacing the entire windshield. This is why the auto body shop will likely offer to repair the crack for you before this happens. If they do not, ask them to do this.  


During the accident, the hoses in your car may be damaged. In some cases, they could have a very small hole, which would go undetected. For example, there is a hose under the radiator that is not visible. If it has a water leak, your car will overheat. You could also have a leak in hoses for your air conditioning, power steering fluid, and oil.  A mechanic will likely check for these problems.

Find a good auto body shop (such as Blue Ribbon Auto Body) in your area. Your insurance company may also suggest a shop to you, or require you to go to a certain body shop.