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Talking About Automotive Maintenance

Answering Two Questions About Common Auto Problems

by Saira Tanis

Driving is a fairly routine task for most individuals, but these trips can quickly take a turn for the worse if the car starts to experience some problems. Sadly, there are many drivers that lack a basic understanding about some of the more common issues that a car might encounter. If you have a poor understanding about car issues, having the following questions answered may help you to be better prepared when some common problems affect your vehicle.

What Is Causing The Engine To Overheat?

An overheating engine is one of the more common problems that can be encountered, and it can represent a potentially serious issue with the vehicle's engine. As a result, you should stop driving and allow the car to completely cool before attempting to drive it to a mechanic.

Oftentimes, this problem can arise from having leaks with the coolant system. Without this fluid, the engine will be unable to vent heat, and this can cause the engine to suffer extensive damage. Additionally, this problem can also be caused by a failure of the cooling system's fans. These fans help to circulate air to cool the engine, and if they suffer a mechanical problem, the engine may quickly overheat when the vehicle is stationary.

Why Does The Vehicle Pull To One Side?

While driving, you might notice that the car is tending to pull to one side of the road. This can represent a serious safety hazard, and it is important to have the vehicle repaired as soon as possible when it starts to develop.

Pulling to one side can arise for a number of reasons. For example, it is possible for the tires to cause this problem by being either low, overinflated or out of alignment, but issues with the brakes can also cause this issue to develop. It is possible for the brakes to become partially locked. This will keep the brake in contact with the wheel, which can cause the vehicle to pull to the side with the brake issue.

There are a number of problems that a car can encounter, and if you are not informed about the possible causes of these issues, you may not understand what will need to be done to repair the car. By knowing about some of the more common causes for causes to pull to one side or to overheat, you will be in a better position for handling these problems when they strike your vehicle.

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