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Talking About Automotive Maintenance

Did You Get In A Collision But Aren't Sure Of The Damage? How To Save And Decide If You Need To Make A Claim

by Saira Tanis

You hit a deer or another large animal and you can see the body damage to the car, but you aren't sure if there is mechanical damage, what should you do? You want to take the vehicle to a shop where it can get a mechanical and auto body estimate.

You can't always see what damage there is from the outside, or know what repairs are needed. You can get an estimate and consider the following to see if you need to make an insurance claim to pay for everything.

Get a Mechanical Tune-Up and Inspection

Even if you don't instantly notice there is something wrong with the vehicle, you want to get a mechanical inspection, tune-up and alignment for safety purposes after any collision. If the collision caused the alignment problems, or if the front end has problems, it can cause the tires to wear unevenly and it can cause steering problems later on.

 With a mechanical inspection you can see if the engine or other components need repairs, and make sure that the vehicle is safe. A tire rotation and balance can help with the alignment.

Is It Cheaper to Replace the Part?

The body repairs will be assessed and examine the quote to see if the estimate includes getting a new part. Getting a used part that doesn't need dent repairs may be cheaper to paint and put on the vehicle, than repairing a part and then doing the paint. Ask the auto repair company what is all needed, and if getting used components is an option.

Total Cost of Repair Work Compared to the Deductible

What is the total cost for all the work that is due to get the vehicle repaired? Once you know, compare it to the cost of your deductible to see if it's worth filing a claim with your insurance company. Once you file a claim your rates could go up, so you may not want to make the claim if you have to pay the same amount as the deductible, or not much over the cost.

Don't be fooled and think that you don't have internal damage because you only see minor damage on the outside of the car after a collision, and make sure that there isn't internal problems that need repairs. Talk with the mechanics and auto body specialists so you can find out what the cost will be, and to make the best decision. Contact a business, such as Imperial Auto Body, for more information.