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Talking About Automotive Maintenance

Driving In The Rain

by Saira Tanis

Even if you are a good driver, navigating in the rain can be a dangerous proposition. You may save your most careful driving for snow and ice-covered roads, but rain-slick surfaces can be just as dangerous, especially because you tend to underestimate its effect. You can make your rainy day trips safer by adopting certain behaviors and acquiring certain products.

Driving Behavior

Many drivers mistakenly think that wet roads are no big deal and fail to reduce their speed enough as a result. When the pavement is wet, you should drive more slowly and keep a greater distance between your car and other vehicles. If your town or city hasn't received much rain lately, the roads are likely to be even slicker because of fuel, oil, and other substances building up on the road.

You should also avoid puddles, slowly driving around them rather than through them. You will be better able to maintain control of your vehicle and will keep your brakes from becoming saturated and less effective. Of course, you need to have your brakes checked regularly to keep them in good repair; otherwise, driving in the rain becomes even more hazardous. Also, avoid driving near the shoulder, if possible, because rain often pools there.

Windshield Wipers

Many drivers do not maintain their windshield wipers properly. When they begin to show signs of wear, you need to immediately replace them instead of attempting to peer around the smears on the windshield. Bad wipers can leave you totally road blind, making you dangerous to yourself and other drivers. Finding the best windshield wiper for your vehicle may be a matter of trial and error. The model of your car and the shape of the windshield matter, although experts often recommend a beam blade rather than the traditional bracket wiper for better visibility in wet conditions. 

Windshield Spray

You should consider investing in windshield treatments that quickly force the water to sheet and blow off your auto glass. These products usually offer a variety of other benefits, including protecting your windshield from rock chips and reducing glare. During a downpour, these sprays allow you much better visibility, helping you to avoid obstacles and prevent accidents.

Rainy days are dangerous driving days. You can protect yourself and others on the road by altering your driving behavior. Simply treating rain like a true hazard instead of an annoyance will make you less likely to crash. Also, investing in a few products that help disperse water will make a huge difference in road visibility. When the rain comes, slow down and focus on the road. Visit http://www.advancedautocareca.com for more information.