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Talking About Automotive Maintenance

Spring Checkup For Your Toyota Camry

by Saira Tanis

It's important that you take care of your car after a long winter. The extreme cold, bad road conditions, and salt will all wreak havoc on your car. That's why it's important to bring your car in and have it serviced. Some of the minor things you can do yourself, such as clean away stuck on salt, but other aspects require a skilled mechanic. Here are the important areas to look at.

Power Wash The Undercarriage

If you drive in an area where the roads are salted, then you need to power wash the undercarriage of your Camry. Salt is corrosive, and if it is left on the car it can eat away at the frame and exhaust system. The muffler, hanger brackets, and main exhaust pipe can all be damaged if that salt is not removed.

Bring the car to a car wash. Many of these car washes have coin-operated hoses that you can use yourself. Wear a pair of old jeans or pants because you will need to get down on the floor in order to angle the hose under the car and reach the entire undercarriage.

Check The Windshield Wipers

The wipers should be checked. The rubber may have cracked during a freeze. This can end up being hazardous if you are out in a thunderstorm later on in the year and the wipers don't work. If the rubber is cracked, then purchase a new pair at an auto supply store. You can install the new ones with a simple screwdriver.

Shock And Strut Checkup

This one is going to require you visiting a professional mechanic. The shocks and struts will have undergone lots of abuse during the winter. Freezing temperatures create potholes. Every time your car hits one it adds to the shocks and struts wear and tear. If they are compromised, it's something that you want to catch right away. Replacing shocks and struts is a much better alternative to replacing the car. Having to scrap the car and replace it with a new one is a definite possibility if the suspension becomes so damaged that the frame warps. If that happens, the car cannot be fixed. So have the suspension checked out.

Belts and Hoses

The timing belt and the cooling hoses should also be checked. They can crack during the extreme cold. If you have a 2002-2014 Camry with a 4-cylinder engine, then your car doesn't have a timing belt; it has a timing chain. Chains hold up much better in freezing temperatures. However, you should still have the hoses checked.

Brake Pads

Finally, don't forget to have the brake pads checked. Winter roads can necessitate lots of stop-and-go driving with heavy brake usage. This can speed up the wear on brake pads. If the pads are left to wear away, then the rotors can start to grind together. This can end up in a bigger expense because you will have to have the rotors fixed. For best results, take your car to a Toyota service center to have this maintenance done.