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Talking About Automotive Maintenance

Different Tactics For Preventing Your Cargo Trailer From Being Broken Into

by Saira Tanis

Whether you've rented or bought a cargo trailer (from an outlet such as TRSC) to haul your possessions, the last thing you need is to have it broken into when it's parked in your driveway or anywhere else that members of the public can come across it. While keeping the cargo trailer locked at all times can discourage some would-be thieves, the reality is that someone only needs to cut through the lock to gain access to whatever you have inside. The good news is that there are several different ways that you can decrease the likelihood of being a victim of this crime. Here are some to consider.  

Install A Portable Alarm

Just as you might protect your vehicle with an alarm system, you can take the same approach with your cargo trailer. Buy a portable alarm and install it. These alarms vary in design but are often possible to install quickly on your own. They sound a loud alarm when the trailer door is opened by someone who shouldn't have access. This is ideal when you own the cargo trailer; if you're renting one, see if the rental company can add an alarm to the rental contract.  

Always Keep The Hitch Locked

Perhaps even worse than someone breaking into the trailer is someone hooking up a vehicle to the trailer and towing the entire thing away. You can reduce the chance of this unfortunate event taking place by always keeping the hitch locked so that the hitch cannot be accessed. Further to this idea, think about positioning the trailer so that a vehicle cannot approach the hitch. This can mean leaving your vehicle connected to the trailer when you can or, when the trailer is parked at home, parking it so that a natural obstacle -- such as a tree -- is is front of the hitch.

Park The Trailer Smartly

When you're parking your vehicle in a public area when you're hauling the trailer, it's important to park the trailer to reduce the risk of someone gaining entry by the door. If the trailer's lone door is at the rear, back the trailer up within a few inches of a building or a fence. If there's also an entry door on the side, try to park so that the side is up against another building or door, too. Ideally, your parking position will be tight enough to prevent someone from even being able to swing open the trailer door.